Trattoria La Casalinga


Trattoria La Casalinga

Via dei Michelozzi, 9r

50125 Firenze

ph. (+39) 055.218624

fax (+39) 055.2679143

For over 40 years the Trattoria La Casalinga has been an noted haunt of Florentine cuisine lovers. Three generations, and still the same Italian and in particular Tuscan dishes but still as good and as popular as they were many years ago.Ribollita made only with black cabbage, ‘inzimino’, baccalà alla Livornese, boiled with green sauce then cooked again with onions.

Casalinga is not just a historic place, it was there that Thomas Harris, got the idea for his character Hannibal Lecter. Magdalen Nabb has also set part of her book Death of an Englishman in the Oltrarno area of Florence.From literature and fiction to the reality that exists in today’s Casalinga restaurant, a place where the workmen and craftsmen of Santo Spirito can enjoy the familiar atmosphere that Casalinga extends to all its clients.


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