Trattoria da Sergio


Trattoria da Sergio

Borgo San Frediano, 145r


ph. (+39) 055.223449

In the heart of the Oltrarno on Borgo San Frediano the area so loved by the writer Vasco Pratolini, you will find Trattoria Sergio. Typical of the district, small but with a familiar flavour. Traditional simple Tuscan cooking. You will not forget dishes like the “peposo” of Brunelleschi or ribollita. It is a pleasure to lunch at trattoria da Sergio, alongside the workers stopping for lunch, you feel at home, eating simple food made with seasonal ingredients.

It is thanks to restaurateurs like Sergio that the Oltrarno area remains full of life, courteous and willing with almost a century of Tuscan cooking tradition at his disposal. This is a place not to be missed for visitors and locals alike.


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