Ottica Marucelli


Ottica Marucelli

Borgo San Frediano, 63r


ph. (+39) 055.210362

fax (+39) 055.210362

Since 1980 Daniele Nencioni has been restoring and reproducing antique objects, frames, tables and anything else that can be carved. Working alongside craftsmen who have years of experience Daniele is the result of years of apprenticeship, dedication and passion. The splendid pieces found in this ‘bottega’ had been made the traditional way, time consuming but guaranteeing the highest quality product.


Several important elements make the area into a strongly unified front when it comes to spotlighting its economy. The district’s craftsmanship—characterized by both tradition and innovation, remains fundamental. Similarly, its many shops bring a dynamic feel to the streets and squares. Here, you’ll find myriad small atelier, where tradition and avant-garde expertise inspire the search for quality materials and original lines. Hospitality abounds and the area’s culinary traditions can be easily enjoyed throughout the neighborhood as restaurants and eateries welcome each visitor with traditional dishes, famous for their simplicity and genuine flavor