Il Bronzetto


Il Bronzetto

Via Senese, 50/r


ph. (+39) 055.229288

fax (+39) 055.2298041

Il Bronzetto has been in business since 1963, Simone and Pierfrancesco make products to order of from clients’ designs. They can make anything in brass, copper or bronze to the highest quality.
Their many years of experience and profound knowledge of their materials and how they can be manipulated ensures first class products. From precious marble, crystal and gold plated bronze they create lamp stands, chandeliers, bookends and vases. In addition to this traditional grounding they have added today’s technology to realise modern projects, admired and sold all over the world.


Several important elements make the area into a strongly unified front when it comes to spotlighting its economy. The district’s craftsmanship—characterized by both tradition and innovation, remains fundamental. Similarly, its many shops bring a dynamic feel to the streets and squares. Here, you’ll find myriad small atelier, where tradition and avant-garde expertise inspire the search for quality materials and original lines. Hospitality abounds and the area’s culinary traditions can be easily enjoyed throughout the neighborhood as restaurants and eateries welcome each visitor with traditional dishes, famous for their simplicity and genuine flavor