Fratelli Ciulli


Fratelli Ciulli

Via della Fonderia, 51


ph. (+39) 320.1132199

Since 1950 Fratelli Ciulli have made lamps and fittings that unify craftsmanship with aesthetics. Brass and iron are the typical materials of Florentine craftsman. In the last few years craftsmen have added some contemporary elements to the classic production techniques.

They are high quality manufacturers with a special taste for detail and for the choice and treatment of materials. Chandeliers, appliqués, fittings, lamps bases, beautiful exclusive products for national and international customers.


Several important elements make the area into a strongly unified front when it comes to spotlighting its economy. The district’s craftsmanship—characterized by both tradition and innovation, remains fundamental. Similarly, its many shops bring a dynamic feel to the streets and squares. Here, you’ll find myriad small atelier, where tradition and avant-garde expertise inspire the search for quality materials and original lines. Hospitality abounds and the area’s culinary traditions can be easily enjoyed throughout the neighborhood as restaurants and eateries welcome each visitor with traditional dishes, famous for their simplicity and genuine flavor