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50125 Firenze

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QUOIO in Florentine Renaissance language was a word that derived from Latin word Corium and that in time became CUOIO (LEATHER) in modern Italian.

Our products retrieve a certain tradition in terms of local artisan culture, but they are completely projected in the modern global reality, almost avant-garde.

QUOIO is a young, creative and dynamic leather goods company, operating in the leather high level creative craftsmanship field and is based in Florence downtown, in the Oltrarno district.

Our leather workshop is managed by designer and craftsman Ciro Brandi, who has a long time of technical and design experience and has collaborated with leading high-end fashion companies and brands both in Italy and abroad, in the field of leather goods accessories for man and woman, interpreting different styles in various segments such as fashion, casual and sportswear.

Our mission is to create and customize unique and exclusive leather accessories and meet every need of style and personal taste, to enhance and complement your own image with items made with care and passion by using leather of the finest quality made by the most important tanneries in Tuscany and then handcrafted by expert hands in Florence with totally manual processes and without the aid of any industrial technology but only using historical techniques nowaday rarely used.

Our It's not only an added value but it's a unique value.

 At QUOIO we make unique pieces for unique people!


Several important elements make the area into a strongly unified front when it comes to spotlighting its economy. The district’s craftsmanship—characterized by both tradition and innovation, remains fundamental. Similarly, its many shops bring a dynamic feel to the streets and squares. Here, you’ll find myriad small atelier, where tradition and avant-garde expertise inspire the search for quality materials and original lines. Hospitality abounds and the area’s culinary traditions can be easily enjoyed throughout the neighborhood as restaurants and eateries welcome each visitor with traditional dishes, famous for their simplicity and genuine flavor