Le Zebre


Le Zebre

Via Romana, 88/R

50125 Firenze

ph. 055.2286386




The boutique/laboratory Le Zebre is in the Oltrano neighbourhood in Florence, one of the city’s most distinctive and charming quarters. It is divided into two spaces: the first dedicated to the direct sale of our clothing and accessories and the second used as a laboratory where Francesca and Matteo invent, cut, sew, and realize their style and their models and create samples themselves. Many  articles are characterized by hand paint techniques, others are revised with creative details and restyling on ready –made. All this makes each piece unique, original, and a product made exclusively in Italy.

Inside the laboratory  we also make various modifications, customizing on request both the tailoring and the decoration of all the articles made from knit and woven fabrics.

A small portion of the store is also dedicated to beautiful handmade decorative objects—especially jewellery, while in another side , the outlet area ,it’s possible to buy the remnants of  previous collections.

The shop’s characteristic atmosphere, which harmonizes with the artisanal style of Le Zebre, combined with excellent, friendly customer service, makes this boutique  unique and original.



Several important elements make the area into a strongly unified front when it comes to spotlighting its economy. The district’s craftsmanship—characterized by both tradition and innovation, remains fundamental. Similarly, its many shops bring a dynamic feel to the streets and squares. Here, you’ll find myriad small atelier, where tradition and avant-garde expertise inspire the search for quality materials and original lines. Hospitality abounds and the area’s culinary traditions can be easily enjoyed throughout the neighborhood as restaurants and eateries welcome each visitor with traditional dishes, famous for their simplicity and genuine flavor