Calza Oltrarno


Calza Oltrarno

Piazza della Calza

50125 Firenze

Public parking


Orario di apertura: 24/24h

Posti disponibili: 218
Posti paganti: 148
Posti venduti: 65
Posti riservati disabili: 5

Tariffe e Abbonamenti


  • Tariffa giornaliera 20,00 €
  • Tariffa oraria:
    • 2,00 Euro la prima ora non frazionabile;
    • 2,00 Euro la seconda ora e tutte le ore successive frazionabili alla 1/2 ora;
  • Abbonamento settimanale 24h: 55,00 Euro.
  • bbonamento mensile 24h: 130,00 Euro --> POSTI ESAURITI.
  • Abbonamento mensile diurno: 66,00 Euro --> POSTI ESAURITI.
  • Abbonamento mensile notturno (dalle ore 19:00 alle ore 09:00): 66,00 Euro.
  • Abbonamento 'pulizia strade' dalle 20.00 alle 08.00 (le 4 notti al mese): 10€

Per ulteriori informazioni è possibile rivolgersi alla centrale operativa remota 055/




A chance to live in the Oltrarno provides citizens with the opportunity to become an active protagonist of one of Florence’s most interesting quarters. Here, daily life continues to be an unmistakable expression of local cultural traditions. Art is not just something that can be experienced inside museums and galleries—it is the result of how civilization expresses itself in various ways, and its sphere includes how people work and interact on a daily basis. The area’s libraries, associations, neighborhood markets, temporary exhibitions, shows and special events are the result of collaborative efforts that prove just how much people love this quarter. Getting to know the Oltrarno district means having the chance to learn more about the people and lifestyles that make this a truly unique place to be. One can truly feel at home here!