Bar Ricchi


Bar Ricchi

Piazza S. Spirito, 9/r

50125 Firenze

ph. (+39) 055.215864

I Ricchi bar is in the suggestive location of piazza Santo Spirito, next to the namesake restaurant held by the same owner. An historical bar since 1956, I Ricchi is open everyday, continuous hours from 7 to 13.30: here it's possible to have an excellent Italian breakfast or a little lunch with hot and cold dishes, to taste its hand made ice-crams or cakes: the counter is well provided with several delicacies.
Enriched with a cosy inside little room where it is possible to relax reading the newspaper, the whole environment is particular because it's all covered with over 200 depictions of the facade of Santo Spirito. Paintings, drawings, printings ans photos – and just this would justify a pop in – have been realised during a competition promoted by the owners of the bar, in 1981. They asked to the artists in town to interpret the facade of the church which, as known, it has never been finished and has been left only as daub wall. The works were finally donated to the bar and exhibited in the place where you can still admire them today.      


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