Stefano Ficalbi


Stefano Ficalbi

via Romana, 49r

50125 Firenze

ph. (+39) 055.2337697

fax (+39) 055.2337697

S.FicalbiAtelier was founded in 1976 by Stefano Ficalbi in the historic center ofFlorence. S.Ficalbi was trained in Florence, in the Fine Art, and have  remainedin this city where artistic  traditionsstill live in the great of on-going activity in the applied arts. He hasconcentrated his activity and experience in specific sector : project,painting, mural decoration, trompe l’oeiland work with a variety  oftechniques : fresco, oil, tempera and encaustic.Examples  of  his  workcan be found both in Italy and abroad, such as Germany, England, France

Switzerland,Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Finlandia, Danimak, and United States of America. S.Ficalbi has been collaborating for years with architects, antiques delears, andinterior  decorators;the exchange of ideas between them, the solution of decorative problems and thereciprocal stimolation of continuos collaboration have produced work of novelinvention and intricate beauty.

Bedsides,his work is pertinent in projecting and realization of interiors.


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